We used to ask you to imagine many people acting compassionately together. Now we are asking you to believe you can make it rain. Focusing on the devastation caused by the Global Water Crisis and the 6 phases we use to solve it, you can become a Rainmaker and save someone’s life. 

What is a Rainmaker?: 

Definition: A rainmaker is any person who brings something positive to an organization based solely on his or her association. Traditionally, the term “rainmaker” applied to members of the legal profession or venture capitalists. Over time, the term gained usage in many other industries and activities. Today, the term “rainmaker” can apply to anyone - from the engineer who consistently finds innovative ways to present a product, to the student who advocates a cause with great dedication and inspiration. In the purest sense, a rainmaker is a difference maker.

The Rainmaker Campaign:

Take a minute to imagine what the world would look like if we all worked together. Would there still be war? Hunger? A Global Water Crisis? Would a child die every 15 seconds from lack of clean water? There is no doubt these problems can feel overwhelming, especially to the generation inheriting them. If governments are failing to solve a giant issue like the Global Water Crisis, how can we expect a students to make an impact? The answer is so easy: stop imagining and make it happen. be a rainmaker - make a difference. Our desire is to let people across the planet know that they have the power to end one of the greatest crisis that face humanity. All it takes is the time and energy to find $15. Because that is all it takes to bring a child clean water for the rest of their life and the life of their future offspring. Changing the life of one person, changes the world. Let’s really imagine a time when people act on their compassion, solve problems together and are certain that by doing their small part, things will indeed get better for everyone. Let’s make that time now.

Why water?: 

The Global Water Crisis is one of the fastest growing crisis affecting the planet. It claims the lives of more people killed by war and by those that die from malaria and HIV combined. In fact every 15 seconds a child dies from lack of clean drinking water. To solve a problem this big is going to take many people acting compassionately together - each of us doing our small part to create an impact that can positively affect us all. By partnering with Save the Rain we will be able to teach water starved communities to use the rain as a sustainable water supply to stop these needless deaths. If you want to get your school involved  please submit this form


A Rainmaker is a person whose influence can initiate progress or ensure success, you can become a Rainmaker, you can make a difference, it’s simple:

  1. We begin by pairing your school with a school in East Africa. Save the Rain will connect you with a school in Tanzania, you will then have the ability to write letters to the students and get to know them on a more personal level. The letters will then be translated by the Save the Rain staff and given to the students. You will then receive letters back and have the ability to keep in touch with them.

  2. Choose an activity for raising funds and awareness. We are open to anything you can think of and will do our best to support you and your plans as you advocate for Save the Rain. We encourage you to use your creativity as the possibilities are endless. 

  3. Watch your money be put to work. Once your school has raised the funds, Save the Rain will put them to work for your sister school in Africa. Reach for the stars in your efforts, but don’t worry. If you don’t raise enough for the entire cost of the project, we’ll find other donors to make up the difference. Save the Rain will create avenues for your school to communicate with the school in Africa – whether it’s via snail mail, email, Skype or Facebook. 



Save the Rain has parterned with hundreds of schools - from elementary to university and empowered students to make a positive impact in the world. The best way to prepare kids for the future? Allow them to change the world so that it better reflects a place they want to live in. If love were a location, it would be called a community. And we could not think of a better community than one filled with game changers. Let's look at

 Activities That Have Made an Impact:



Mount Shasta Rotary member Linda Stremel paired up with Butteville Elementary students who are part of the Builders Club. With the support of amazing teachers like Lauren Miller, and after Save the Rain presented to the student body, the club raised $875 through a change drive done at their school. Kiwanis and Rotary came together to support students to change the world. How? The donation made by the Builder’s club will be matched through grants from Rotary, bringing the total amount of the fundraiser to more than $3,000.



Phuong is another student whose compassion to help was so touching. She too first heard about Save the Rain at the KeyClub convention and felt this was a great way to make a difference. Phuong and fellow Lieutenant Governor, Keenan, brought the idea up to several people in their community but found themselves standing alone with the desire to make change in the world in this way. After overcoming their fear, they decided to produce and sell bracelets to raise money for Save the Rain. The results were incredible. 




In Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, 10 students from the Montessori Middle School really wanted to know what it felt like to walk for water.  In January, 2012 they walked 4.8 miles to fetch buckets of water from the river and brought it back to their school. Each water walker got sponsors of $15 (what it takes to provide clean water for a child in Africa and their future offpring). These means one sponsor = one life!  They raised over $350!



Levi, a student council member at a High School near Portland, OR was so moved by our presentation at the Key Club International Conference that he stepped up and created his own fund raising event. With help from his school and his community, he was able to successfully put on a 5K run and sell water bottles. We are so gratefult to Levi and everyone who supported the lucrative triumph of this IMPACT effort.


Our dear friends Michal and Noga have started a fundraiser in Israel! They are doing an amazing job selling bracelets and advocating for the organization. Their hard work and dedication to do what they can in order to make an impact in our world is outstanding, we are truly blessed to be able to work with all of them this year as they advocate for Save the Rain and make an IMPACT in another country. 


We were honored to work with more Key Club members this year as they advocated for Save the Rain. The students in New York sold bracelets to raise money along with joining other local nonprofits to assist them in sewing and stuffing dolls that they also generously donated to Save the Rain. We are so fortunate to be able to work with students who carry such a drive to make a change in the world. By contributing your piece you have changed the lives of so many who suffer daily due to the lack of clean water and for that we send our love and cannot thank you enough!

Save the Rain    P.O. Box 1510    Mount Shasta    California    96067       T: 530.926.9999    F: 530.926.5050    Email: info@savetherain.org