Save the Rain's mission:

Every 15 seconds, a child dies from a lack of clean water. Save the Rain teaches water starved communities to use the rain as a sustainable water supply to stop these needless deaths.

How we achieve our mission:

To achieve our mission, we educate communities on how to harvest the rain by constructing catchment system built from local materials, by the local work force, thus assuring sustainability. We educate people to farm water through roof water collection, surface water collection, ground water recharge, soil conservation, reforestation, bio-remediation, passive irrigation practices and sustainable agriculture curriculum. We are committed to efficiency. We will always create rainwater solutions to supply the most amount of people, in the shortest amount of time, for the least amount of money. A mere $15.00 pays for a villager to receive water for the rest of their life and the life of their offspring. Thanks to our corporate sponsors, Cost Containment Group and Unified Caring Association, 100% of publicly donated money directly funds projects.

Why water? 

Because water affects everything. When your access to clean water is denied, the consequences are devastating. 


Problem: Water affects education. Everyday, 200 million hours are spent by women and children walking for water that is not even clean. 443 million school days are lost each year due to water-related illness.

Solution: When projects are complete, students no longer need to loose class time walking for their school's drinking water and sanitation needs. Prior to clean water access, only 10% of students were continuing school past 13 years old. Within the 1st year of project implementation, 99% of students passed the national exam to continue to high school and more than 50% of them were girls



Problem: Water affects poverty. We can only survive 3 days without water, so searching for it trumps income generating activities. Lack of access to clean water perpetuates poverty. 

Solution: When school children get access to clean water, they continue their education into secondary school. Every extra year of secondary school increases earning potential by 15 to 25 percent. 



ProblemWater affects health. 80% of children dying in the developing world are dying from water related illnesses.

Solution: Save the Rain does pre and post health evaluations of primary school students. After 6 months of having clean water, there was a 45% decrease of kids suffering from water borne illnesses. After 5 years of having rainwater to drink, 96% of children had drastic improvements in their health.


Gender Inequality 

Problem: Water affects gender inequality. Girls get denied an education at the onset of puberty as schools may not have latrine pits to accommodate them during menstruation, condemning them to be water walkers for their families.

Solution: The 1st school system ever done initiated latrine pit construction, enabling girls to stay in school. Each additional year of female education reduces child mortality by 18 per thousand births. With the Women's Water Initiative, giving access to clean water at home, girls and women are empowered and no longer need to walk for water for their families.

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