100% Of Public Donations Directly Fund Our Projects

Our method to gain people access to clean water is interdependent. We see everyone involved with Save the Rain as a unified entity. The working team of Save the Rain is the hands and feet; the recipients are the heart and soul and the donors are the breath that gives the mission its wings – and therefore its flight. Please join us in a collective effort to correct the imbalance that leaves so many of the global family without the basic resources needed to sustain life.


With a $15 contribution, you can provide a child with access to clean drinking water for the rest of their life and the life of their future offspring. Clean water positively influences change in health, education, gender inequality and poverty. For the less than the price of 3 cups of coffee, you can stop the endless detriment caused by the global water crisis and save a child’s life.


With a $50 contribution, you can provide an entire family with food security and ensure the next generation will never go hungry. Families are taught to create an organic garden at home and to design it with a permaculture perspective. They receive starts for the garden allowing them to harvest food year round as well as cultivate their own seeds.


With a $450 contribution, you can free a family from the countless hours spent searching for water. Families no longer need to choose between water and their children’s education and safety. Women no longer need to sacrifice their time searching for water that is not even clean. Your investment helps construct a residential rainwater harvesting system, large enough to sustain a family of 8 and providing them with clean water all year – every year.


With a $1,500 contribution, you can impact the earth in a big way – you can plant 1000 trees. With this investment, you can help populate the earth with nature’s best rainwater harvesters. Just one tree with a 100 foot canopy and a 6 foot root system can harvest up to 125,000 gallons of water in a year! Reforestation provokes positive change for ground water recharge and food security.


With a $30,000 contribution, you can provide a school with a 150,000 liter rainwater harvesting system. When there is no longer the need to fetch water during school hours, students are given back their learning time. When there is clean water and daily meal, they are better prepared to become the leaders of tomorrow. Every child deserves the right to reach for their potential and manifest it.


With a $52,500 contribution, you can provide an entire village with clean drinking water, gives 40 families rain catchment systems on their home, reforest the village landscape, educates the community on sanitation, hygiene and sustainable agriculture to ensure food security. This investment helps about 6,000 people creating an endless, multi-generational ripple effect of change.

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