Compassion knows no boundaries. For $15, you can change the life of one
individual by providing them with clean water for the rest of their life.
Changing one life, changes the world.


Start Your Miles for Maji Walk/Run

Miles for Maji was formed by a group of North American High School students with a deep desire to give back to humanity. “Maji” means water in Swahili. After meeting on a service trip in Tanzania during the summer of 2016, the American students became aware that Tanzanian students had to forfeit their learning time to fetch water for their families and the community. The water they walked hours to collect was not even clean. Waterborne illness is a leading cause of death in Sub Saharan Africa. Their experience inspired the launch of Miles for Maji, a campaign to advocate and raise funds for the victims of the global water crisis. Miles for Maji is a walk for water campaign that can be arranged anywhere at any time. It can be an organized community event or done at school or work.


Every child should have the right to an education so they may reach their potential and pursue their dreams. For every $15 raised, a child gains access to clean water for the rest of their life, and the lives of their future offspring. $15, that’s all it takes to change a life forever.





Create Your Own Campaign

Want to get involved from the comfort of your own home? You are welcome to join us no matter where you live! Simply “Start your own Campaign, or “Start a Team” and an online fundraising platform will be generated for you. Your commitment is to walk 1 step with a bucket of water for every $1 donated to your page from friends and family.


Every dollar donated, every step taken, is one less step a child in Tanzania has to take to access clean water.


We encourage you to record your steps and to share them on social media when your goal is reached, or throughout your campaign period to split up the steps and to keep your audience engaged in your efforts! We’d love for you to tag us on social media when you post your steps!


On behalf of those who will benefit from your efforts, we are so very grateful.


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This campaign was founded by a group of North American students, including our co-host Cate Brown of Boston. The idea behind Miles for Maji is to do your best to walk a step, a mile or run a 5k so that kids in Tanzania never have to walk for water again.




The students at Montessori Education Centre, with your support, will be symbolically carrying water along the canal in order to raise money to build rainwater harvesting systems which provide those affected by the global water crisis access to clean water.

Be a voice for Save the Rain. Please share our message!