Rain Catchment is a viable solution for any area facing water shortage.

Rain Catchment Systems require no electricity or pumping and are fairly simple to trouble shoot. They can be installed in the most rural areas and can be made from the most primitive materials. A Rain Catchment System can be as simple as a small swale to stop water flooding off a slope and as integrated as a system that catches rain from a structure’s roof to supply a community with clean water for drinking, sanitation or agriculture. One thing is certain, saving the Rain saves lives.


Save the Rain works with communities in northern Tanzania, in a district between Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. Our approach is simple. We are committed to appropriate technologies that align with the recipient’s needs and their capacity to sustain them. Our systems are constructed out of local materials with a village elected work force. They require no electricity, no pumping, no filtration or western additives. We are committed to your investment and the promise that it will fund work that works. We listen to the recipients – a lot. We listen to where they struggle, to what has worked, to what has failed and to their dreams of what an abundant life would look like. Together, we work to make those dreams a reality.

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