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Since 2005, Save the Rain has been teaching water-starved communities in East Africa to use rain as a sustainable water supply, stopping the needless deaths caused by the Global Water Crisis. To achieve our mission, we educate communities to harvest the rain through roof water collection, surface water collection, and groundwater recharge. We educate recipients on the importance of reforestation, sanitation, hygiene, and sustainable agriculture through permaculture design. Our systems are built from local materials by a community elected local workforce. They require no electricity, pumping or filtration, thus assuring sustainability.


Save the Rain is nimble and opportunistic in micro-opportunities. We nurture our relationships with recipients so that we can come to better understand the challenges they face. This creates partnerships that stand the test of time. Our oldest projects are still fully functional and continue to make good on the investments our donors made.


Save the Rain has a receiver to giver model that empowers disenfranchised women who have been given assistance by Save the Rain by creating income generating opportunities. Once living with clean water and food security, recipients can be trained to become builders of our rainwater tanks and sustainable gardens. This takes them from being the receiver to becoming the giver of this support.


We currently have more than 100 women building tanks and gardens. Right now we are able to do about 25 systems per week at full capacity. We would like to see that double in the next 2 years.


This goal helps us to create stability within the areas we work as the representation of the organization comes from within those communities. This has a layered effect on our capacity building by both deepening and broadening our reach.


Save the Rain’s mission is clear. By creating access to clean drinking water, an abundant life is possible for everyone.


Many other nonprofits do something for people but Save the Rain does something with people, integrating into the communities we work in in ways that develop the lasting relationships that continue the work over time. This creates extraordinary outcomes on a human scale.


With a $15,000 contribution, you can impact the earth in a big way – you can plant 10,000 trees. With this investment, you can help populate the earth with nature’s best rainwater harvesters. Just one tree with a 100 foot canopy and a 6 foot root system can harvest up to 125,000 gallons of water in a year! Reforestation provokes positive change for ground water recharge and food security.


With a $50,000 contribution, you can free 100 families from the countless hours spent searching for water. Families no longer need to choose between water and their children’s education and safety. Women no longer need to sacrifice their time searching for water that is not even clean. Your investment helps construct residential rainwater harvesting systems that are large enough to sustain a family of 8. This has a multi generational effect as the systems should function for 200 years, providing clean water all year – every year.


With a $52,500 contribution, you can provide an entire village with clean drinking water by creating a 150,000 liter rainwater harvesting system on the primary school, giving 40 families rainwater harvesting system and sustainable gardens on their home, reforesting the village landscape, educating the community on sanitation, hygiene and sustainable agriculture to ensure food security. This investment helps about 6,000 people creating an endless, multi-generational ripple effect of change.


With a $125,000 contribution, you can invest in Save the Rain’s Mobility and Health project. As we have moved from village to village, we have unveiled a large community of disabled children. Left paralyzed from Spina Bifida or the gross effects of high levels of fluoride in the ground water, we are constantly distributing wheel chairs and providing access to medical care for these kids. It only costs $250 to give a paralyzed child mobility and a year’s worth of medical care. With this investment, 400 children can be freed to learn, participate in their community and live a life of possibility rather than in hiding and isolation.


With a $250,000 contribution, you can free 125,000 students from hunger by investing in the Food, Farm, Forest project. The last couple of years, the Arumeru region has been effected by climate change. The area has seen drastic crop failures, leaving communities hungry. The goal of this initiative is to re-propagate the school farms with 50+ different species of edible plants and fruit forests that harvest multiple times per year. In the meantime, children need to eat. So this project also does a 1 year food distribution to each of the schools, providing a midday meal to all of the students. For some, this will be the only meal they eat each day. As the communities begin to see the fruits of their diverse farming effort, they will easily move into sustainability and independent food security.


With a $500,000 contribution, you can free an entire ward from life without clean water. A ward consists of approximately 8 to 10 villages, ranging anywhere from 22,000 to 35,000 people. Your investment would provide each village with a 150,000 liter rainwater harvesting system on their primary school, 360 families would receive residential rainwater harvesting systems and sustainable gardens on their homes, a massive reforestation effort would be launched in the region, each school would be taught in a living classroom a sustainable agriculture curriculum based in permaculture, and a sanitation and hygiene campaign would be initiated.


Save the Rain works with communities in northern Tanzania, in a district between Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. Our approach is simple. We are committed to appropriate technologies that align with the recipient’s needs and their capacity to sustain them. Our systems are constructed out of local materials with a village elected work force. They require no electricity, no pumping, no filtration or western additives. We are committed to your investment and the promise that it will fund work that works. We listen to the recipients – a lot. We listen to where they struggle, to what has worked, to what has failed and to their dreams of what an abundant life would look like. Together, we work to make those dreams a reality.

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100% Of Public Donations Directly Fund Our Projects

Our method to gain people access to clean water is interdependent. We see everyone involved with Save the Rain as a unified entity. The working team of Save the Rain is the hands and feet; the recipients are the heart and soul and the donors are the breath that gives the mission its wings – and therefore its flight. Please join us in a collective effort to correct the imbalance that leaves so many of the global family without the basic resources needed to sustain life.
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