Our Team

Save the Rain is an independent non profit and is not affiliated with any religious organization. We are a simply a group of committed people who decided that the present water conditions in the world are unacceptable. We came together to change it.

Board of Directors

Denali Jordan, Founder: I love Save the Rain because it is humble, modest, simple and yet accomplishes great deeds of goodness that are so desperately needed. My heart has expanded beyond its borders because we have become one family with the people we work with in Africa. I love being a Save the Rain board member because when we meet, we meet in the spirit of honesty, humbleness and heartfelt sorrow for our brothers and sisters in Africa. My soul soars knowing that 100% of donation money goes directly to the projects. I am filled with gratitude to all who participate in making this world a better and safer place in which to co-exist in. 

T.C JordanI love Save the Rain because it is very efficient and extremely effective. It provides clean drinking water to villages that are built and maintained by the villagers.  Save the Rain honors the people it serves and achieves its mission with grace and dignity for those served.

Robert HodesI LOVE Save the Rain because of its’ simplicity and beauty.  The simplicity is in the solution of harvesting clean rainwater; the beauty is in the love and cooperation of people with mutual intention in the developed and developing world, working differently to solve the same problem.

Terri Sternberg: I love Save the Rain for its simple, yet successful solution for providing one of the most basic needs for life – clean water. I love that it is community-based, using local materials, labor, and solutions. I love that it is sustainable, and easily taught to present and future generations. I love that it is for the people, by the people; connecting hands and hearts, spirits and souls around the world. I love that Save the Rain is infused with another basic need for life – love.  

Luna Russo: I love that the concept is so simple, is sustainable, empowers others, creates goodwill, and forever changes lives for the better. There are no personal agendas – just the desire to work together as a team to improve the lives of those in water-starved communities.


Operating Team

Kelly ColemanWhat I love about Save the Rain, in one word: EVERYTHING. I love the people we work with, the people we work for and the fact that all people can use the vehicle of Save the Rain to become part of the solution to a giant problem. I love the fact that we get to remind everyone that they can change the world. I love the fact that we grew organically, that we grow intuitively and that the inspiration behind all of our solutions are the voices of the people we are trying to help. But what I love most about Save the Rain is that we are helping people receive the life sustaining gift that nature is freely offering.

Dylan ColemanI love all of the relationships that have been created with people from all over the world.  I love watching hope sprout from despair.  I love that LOVE is the most important ingredient to our success. I love being a working director of save the rain because there is no politics, no bull@*&!, and no wasted energy in doing this work.

Save the Rain    P.O. Box 1510    Mount Shasta    California    96067       T: 530.926.9999    F: 530.926.5050    Email: info@savetherain.org