Our method to get people access to clean water is interdependent. We see everyone involved with Save the Rain as a united force. The working team of Save the Rain is the hands and feet; the recipients are the heart and soul and the donors are the wings, giving the mission its flight. Please join us to correct the imbalance that leaves so many without the basic resources needed to sustain life.


We have four ongoing campaigns for you to choose from. Within each campaign, you can register to support a project whether that be a community, a family or the environment. When we feel passionate about the people we are trying to help, everything is possible. And when we help to change the life of one individual, we change the entire world.


“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” – Margaret Mead

Children? Women? The Environment? You’ve heard your call to service and now you’re ready to put it into action. Simply choose one of the following four campaigns below and get ready to leave your mark on the world by supporting something you’re passionate about.


Creating your campaign project is easy. Simply click on the appropriate “Campaign for the Cause” button and register. You will be guided to set up a special campaign project page the describes what you want to do, what project you are supporting and what your financial goal is. You can customize your campaign to fit you. Donate a birthday or an anniversary. Campaign in someone’s honor. Challenge family, friends, classmates, team mates or coworkers. Whatever best describes you.


Spread the word. Share your campaign project page through any communication channel you want. Whether via email or social media, ask people to support your efforts and spread the word about your goal. Invite or challenge your family, friends, neighbors to get involved.


Please know how very grateful we are for your passion and effort. If you need any assistance with your campaign, we’re here to help.

Connecting classrooms in North America to classrooms in Tanzania


443 million school days are missed each year by children suffering from water related illnesses. Simple steps can be taken so that they never have to walk for water again.


In this hyperlinked time, changing the world for someone changes the world for everyone. The Let it Rain campaign connects classrooms in North America with classrooms in Tanzania empowering the youth on both sides of the world to help put an end to the Global water crisis.

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We cannot change the shoes she wears but we can help her walk a better path


She leaves her children at midnight. She walks to a stand pipe in the dark and waits in line all night for water that doesn’t come. Her search for water jeopardizes their education, her income, and all of their safety. But what if she didn’t have to?


IIN HER SHOES is an empowerment campaign designed to free women in East Africa from the confines of a daily search for water. If you are an individual, group or business owner you can make a world of difference for the women victimized by the global water crisis.

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Walk a mile, 5 km or 15 steps in their shoes and change their life forever


“Maji” is the Swahili word for “Water” “Miles for Maji” is a walk for water campaign that raises funds for children in Tanzania who currently live without access to clean water.


Originated by students who visited Tanzania and saw firsthand the trial of a daily search for water, Miles for Maji is a campaign designed to inspire. No matter how many steps you take, you can get involved anywhere and create a life changing difference for the kids this campaign serves.

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From the comfort of your living room, you can plant trees and prevent thousands from being cut down


The Forest is a key component in Water Cycle, and she needs our protection. Anywhere from 3.5 to 7 billion trees are cut down each year. The bottom line is that without the forests we break the water cycle, and the rains stop coming.


The Forever Forest Campaign is a call to action for individual or group environmentalist to help reforest the planet and prevent trees from being cut down. Forever Forest is a simple path to the key actions needed to combat the Global Water crisis and the deadly effects of deforestation. This is your chance to help.

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No one person is going to end the water crisis on their own. It is going to take a village and a partnership to generate that kind of change. Which is great, really. Because the best kind of change happens one person at a time – doing what they love for something they feel passionate about. Save the Rain needs people like you to help with it’s efforts.

Be a voice for Save the Rain. Please share our message!