Together Anything is Possible

Our method to gain people access to clean water is interdependent. We see everyone involved with Save the Rain as a united force. The working team of Save the Rain is the hands and feet, the recipients are the heart and soul, and our supporters are the wings giving our mission its flight. Please join us to correct the imbalance that leaves so many without the basic resources needed to sustain life-water.


We have four ongoing campaigns for you to choose from. Each is unique for you to choose the way you’d like to Get Involved and support what matters to you. When we feel passionate about the cause we are involved in, everything is possible. And when we take one action towards improving the lives of others, we change the entire world.


“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” – Margaret Mead
Connecting classrooms in North America to classrooms in Tanzania


443 million school days are missed each year by children suffering from water related illnesses. Simple steps can be taken so that they never have to walk for water again.


In this hyperlinked time, changing the world for someone changes the world for everyone. The Let it Rain campaign connects classrooms in North America with classrooms in Tanzania empowering the youth on both sides of the world to help put an end to the global water crisis.

We cannot change the shoes she wears, but we can help her walk a better path


For women in Sub Saharan Africa walking 20,000 steps a day to search for water is an essential part of her family’s survival. Searching for water takes priority over her education, income-generating activities, before her own safety.


But what if it didn’t have to?


IN HER SHOES is a women’s empowerment campaign designed to free women in East Africa from the confines of their daily search for water. If you are an individual, group, or business owner, we are here to connect you with her so we may shift the world for her together.

Walk 15 steps, a mile, or run a 5 km and change their lives forever


“Maji” is the Swahili word for “Water”, “Miles for Maji” is a walk or run for water campaign that raises funds and awareness for children in Tanzania who currently live without access to clean water.


Originated by student supporters, Miles for Maji is a campaign designed to inspire. We are here to support you in starting a virtual campaign or organizing a walk or run in your area. No matter how many steps you take, you can Get Involved anywhere and take steps so children in Tanzania never have to again in the search for water.

Plant trees and prevent thousands from being cut down


Anywhere from 3.5 to 7 billion trees are cut down each year. Trees are a crucial part of ensuring water accessibility. The Forest is a key component in the Water Cycle, without trees the rains stop coming.


The Forever Forest Campaign is a call to action for individual or group environmentalist to help reforest the planet and prevent trees from being cut down. Forever Forest is a simple path to the key actions needed to combat the Global Water Crisis and the deadly effects of deforestation. Get Involved and together we will plant trees across Eastern Africa, implement biogas systems to replace the need for firewood, and teach classrooms in Tanzania all about the Water Cycle.

Be a voice for Save the Rain. Please share our message!